Thursday, 16 October 2014


Narrative is the way a story is told to the audience, and how a meaning is constructed for them.

There are two part of a narrative The story and the plot.

The story: this is the chronological order of all the events presented and inferred by the media text.

The plot: this is the way in which events are put together and presented to the audience.

Todorov Suggested that there are 5 main points of a narrative these are as followed
Equilibrium: this is considered perfect situation, where everything is as it should be.
A disruption of the equilibrium: something comes along and changes the perfect situation, usually for the worst.    
Recognition of the disruption: the character realises there is a problem an attempts to make a fix of it
An attempt to repair the disruption: this is the characters attempt at repairing the problem that disrupts the equilibrium
New equilibrium: this is the reinstatement of the equilibrium or as close to as the character can get.

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