Thursday, 12 February 2015

Props list

this is a list of some of the props we are going to use in our sequence.

gun: we could use an airsoft gun because they are replicas of real life guns and would look realistic on the camera, we would also have free use of one in an garden and wouldn't need extra specialist item to use or we could use an air rifle as it is a real firearm and will act like a rifle when fired, this will also cost us to get a range on which to fire and somebody with a licence to fire the rifle around before we can fire.

two wedding rings: this is to show the couple are getting married we feel showing this is really important because it is a main part of the film idea that they are engaged.

a wedding magazine: we will use the magazine to show that a wedding is being planned in our narrative, the wedding is one of the key points in our film as it is the reason our male protagonist is fighting to get back to his homeland 

Wedding dress: this is also to highlight that there will be a wedding.this will also be used to show how the 

targets: we will need targets to shoot at as we want to show how are male is a military man who will need to fight to survive. 

boots and high heels: this is to show that the man is tough and in the army and the high heels show she is a woman and they give an impression that she dresses for an occasion like the wedding.

plane: we want a plane because in one shot the camera moves up making the plane look like its going down, this is symbolic because in the story the man is in a plane crash.

calendar: to show that a wedding is planned on the date we select at a later time, it will also be used to suggest how important time is as our male protagonist is will go missing in action and will be away from his lover for a while and the film will show the affect over the time they are apart.

picture frame: to put a picture of a the guy in army uniform in to show he is a soldier. 

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