Thursday, 5 February 2015

Storyboard sheets

This is the storyboards for our title sequence idea and what we made into the animation 

Our title sequence will start out with a  calendar that will have markings that lead up to a wedding day, it will then move into two rings facing away form each other they will then fade into to pairs  of shoes one being a pair of high heels and the other some military boots, this will then pull outwards and move up revealing a wedding dress.

From then it will cut to the man taking shots at a target, form there it will cut to the woman sitting reading wedding magazines whilst watching the T.V. 

It will then cut to a model plane and move upwards to some picture of the two as a couple and the man in the military, it will then cut to a  phone ringing the woman will pick it up and that will be the end.   

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