Sunday, 25 January 2015

Coursework- Film narrative idea

Our film is a love conquers all story of a couple divided by war, it is a modern "cold mountain"

our film starts with a happy couple who have recently got engaged and are planning there wedding, in  turn of events the male get called out to war and is promised he can get back before the wedding, our film will then divided to two different story arcs follow the man as he fights and the woman as she goes about her daily life.

As the Male is set to return home his plane gets shot down and it becomes a fight for him to survive during this story there will be cut-aways to the other part of the story following the woman and how she copes with the loss of her lover.

Towards the end of the film our hero returns safely, and prevents the military form calling his girlfriend  as he wishes to surprise her on his return as he approaches the house he discovers that she is with another man, accepting her happiness he decides to remain dead in her eyes.

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