Sunday, 25 January 2015

se7en analysis

The se7en title is dark and unnerving, it features quick cut close-ups hiding information,this could be used to the character we are following wants to hide,we also get a close up shot of the character removing his fingerprints further showing us he wants to disappear.

There are two fonts used in the title sequence one for the credits and one for the names, both look to be handwritten with the biggest difference being that the casting credits are bolder, the credits look scratched onto the title and most have erratic movements around the screen, the credits can be used to give ideas of the characters such as Brad Pitts name being distance this could tell us his character is far from the case or he is split over his decisions that he has to make,another example is |Morgan Freeman's' name flips around and back again suggesting that his character will have to change his mind about something, the actors names are white and are written across a pure black background, where as the production credits are positioned across various shot be placed at the top or bottom of the screen so that they don't distract from what is being shown.

The music is stretched out creating an eerie feel to the sequence with the only words being spoken are "it'll bring you closer to God". informing the viewer how people are killed based upon "Gods" word            

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