Thursday, 15 January 2015

Zombieland analysis

Using the title we can tell that the film is set in a modern time zombie apocalypse, using what is going on we can tell that is comedy as this is suggested in the mise-en-scene with such as the man running form the stripper zombie and the three legged race with the zombies, we are also shown that there will be a lot of gore within the film as there is blood everywhere even in the font for the film

Using the title sequence it can be assumed that the main theme of the film is survival as it features people running for a danger, It also starts with four basic rules of survival making this feel like the main theme of the movie, We also get shown that this is a comedy as all the danger is placed in ridiculous situations and there is unnatural amounts of blood.

The key iconography we can see in the is thing such a blood, people running in panic, the world falling apart.

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