Thursday, 15 January 2015

Coursework Start

today we discussed starting the title sequence and how important they can be to film

We also discussed the theory of STINCS and how it can be applied to a title sequence

STINCS stands for

Setting- This is where/ when a film is set.

Theme- This is the mood of the film or what the film is really about.

Iconography- This is the costumes, props and make-up used to give a sense of the genre of the film.

Narrative- This is what the story of the film is about.

Character- who/what are they, what are they like,

Style- this is how things are filmed, focusing on Camera shots, the way they are edited and the type of music placed over the sequence

We then applied the theory to Three title pointing out what genre we though it was, what mood the film had, what type of characters there were(who was good, who was bad)

We also discussed how title sequences can be used as prologues to set up what is happening in the film, they can be used to set out the themes of the film or the mood/ tone of the film.

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